CCTV Systems

Abbotrack Security Solutions offers a full range of IP and analogue cameras to suit your specific needs whilst taking into consideration the environmental and application requirements. Considerations include: customer requirement, discreet application or deterrent, environment, camera location and mounting options, resistance to attack, lighting requirements, image quality and viewing application. Additionally we assess if the camera should offer a fixed view or have the flexibility of pan and tilt and/or zoom functionality.
Home CCTV is a great way of enhancing your security. It lets you keep a watchful eye on your home and your loved ones. They are also a great visual deterrent to potential intruders – sending a clear message that nothing goes unseen.

CCTV Image quality is so crucial, our HD and MegaPixel CCTV camera systems capture the smallest of details. If you have existing analogue cameras already installed in your premises, it’s easy to upgrade to HD CCTV without having to replace your entire security system. Simply replace and upgrade your standard analogue cameras and recorder, and your premises is more secure than ever.

Our security CCTV cameras automatically detect when it is day or night allowing you to get clear images at all times. Even when you’re away from your home or business or even on short or long holidays, your CCTV system is still active and recording at all times.

CCTV 360 Vision Camera

Hybrid HD Video Recorders

Hybrid HD Video Recorders allow you to upgrade your system at your own pace whilst protecting your original investment. They will accept images from existing traditional CCTV cameras as well as HD analogue and/or IP cameras so incorporating higher quality for areas that require higher definition images.

Network Video Recorders and PoE

A network video recorder can utilise existing computer IT network structured cabling, giving the advantage of being viewed locally or of being securely viewed over the internet from any location. Cameras can be connected using your Local Area Network (LAN) or at any other location via your corporate Wide Area Network (WAN). Image degradation is negligible in comparison to traditional recording devices. Almost infinitely scalable storage capacity is available, dependent on your requirements. In addition many NVR’s offer Power Over Ethernet (POE) which provides a greener more cost effective alternative to traditional systems.

Accessing your system remotely:

Access your video surveillance system from your mobile phone, tablet or PC to view live or recorded images and receive notifications of all your alarm events. Multi stream support gives you many different views from your IP camera; one in high definition for recording and others in a lower resolution for live display. This saves bandwidth which allows your recorder to display more cameras and stream faster.

Event notifications via email:

You can set your system to send event notifications – such as alarm activations or system faults that require attention – to specified email addresses. This means they never go unnoticed.
CCTV Software Apps

Push notifications via smart phone apps:

You can set your system to send event notifications – such as alarm activations or system faults that require attention directly to your smartphone. You can also access your systems remotely to view live images or playback recordings and recent events. Nothing will ever go unnoticed.

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