Intruder Alarms

Wireless security systems

Abbotrack Security Systems have a range of wireless security systems suitable for either small businesses or residential premises. A completely wireless security/safety solution which utilises two way wireless technology and provides a flexible, secure and reliable intruder detection solution with minimal disruption during installation.

This system is fully EN Grade 2 certified and can be monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) if required. The system includes an external sounder with LEDs which provide a visual deterrent and can incorporate an extensive range of peripherals including smoke, flood or carbon monoxide detection.

Wireless Alarms

Wired security systems

We have wide security range offers available to suit your needs. These are scalable, expandable and flexible security protection. All are suitable for a wide range of premises from domestic, commercial or industrial. These can be from medium to high security applications. These can be used either as a standalone security system or as part of an integrated security system using door access control. These will also support both wired and wireless detection devices. All our new security systems can be installed to an EN Security Grade 2 or 3 pending on what your insurance requirements are. We can also upgrade your existing security system to meet the new current standards should it be required.

Pet friendly alarm

If you have pets you need never worry about them setting off your home alarm system by accident. We can design a system around your pets and home that suit your everyday needs, providing you with peace of mind, where your pets are free to roam whilst keeping your premises protected.

Easy to use and user friendly security systems

All our security systems are designed to be user friendly and easy to use. You can arm/disarm your security systems using either pin codes or key fobs the choice is yours. Once the installation of your security system has been complete you will be given full training on how to use it. We won’t leave you until you feel fully competent on using your new system.

The professional design of your security systems

All premises are different, so choosing the right security system is essential. This is why we offer a free site survey. We look at what is required and discuss what other options are available to you as optional. Once we have all the relevant information we would then offer a bespoke package to suit you and the level of coverage required for securing premises.

Smart phone apps

Arm / dis arm your security system from your smartphone from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet. You can also check the system is arm / dis armed, that way you will never need to worry about forgetting it has been set.

You can also rest assure should your alarm activate whilst your away you will receive these via push notifications straight to your smartphone as well as receiving email alerts too. Stay in control and have piece of mind.

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