Support – Object Control

Object control

This section allows to send commands to object GPS device to perform some actions. In top panel click on Object control using commands icon.

Object control using commands window will appear.

Note: read GPS device user manual to get all available GPRS commands. Make sure in which way your device receives commands (via SMS or GPRS?). SMS gateway must be configured in order to send commands via SMS.
Object – choose object which you want to control using commands..
Template – choose predefined command template.
Command – command can be sent directly without need to create template. (\r\n allowed after string, example: my_command \r\n).
Send – send command to GPS device.
Object – available objects list.
Gateway – choose gateway which is used by device to receive commands, GPRS or SMS.
Type – command type ASCII or HEX. Choose appropriate type according to tracking device manual.

Important! New command must be added in template section to appear in templates list.


This section allows to create command templates.

In templates tab left bottom corner press + button.

Command properties window will appear.

Name – template name.
Hide unused protocols – only used protocols will appear in protocol list below.
Protocol – list of all available protocols.
Gateway – gateway type, GPRS or SMS.
Type – command type ASCII or HEX.
Command – command string which will be sent to device.

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