Support – Reports


Reports allows to access all available information related to object activity for the selected period of time.

Reports may be accessed in two ways

Click reports tab in tool bar at the top – shown below:

A reports settings box appears:


  • Name – report name
  • Type – choose report type
  • General information – report provides basic information like: route length, top speed, average speed, consumed fuel and etc.
  • General information (merged) – general report information is shown in a row.
  • Drives and stops – provides the same information as general report but adds objects stops and driving information, like address where object stopped, duration of intervals between stops and etc.
  • Travel sheet – provides coordinates and addresses of stops, length between stops and object fuel consumption.
  • Overspeeds – all recorded cases of speeding will be reflected in report as well as additional information such as how much speed has been exceeded, excess time and etc.
  • Underspeeds – all recorded cases of underspeeding will be reflected in the report.
  • Zone in/out – entry time in each zone, exit time out of zone, stay time in zone. This option requires to select zones.
  • Events – provides events information: time, event name coordinates and address.
  • Service – provides service information.
  • Fuel level – provides all information about fuel level changes.
  • Fuel fillings – shows object fuel fillings history. Results depends on fuel fillings accuracy settings.
  • Fuel thefts – shows object fuel thefts history. Results depends on fuel thefts accuracy settings.
  • Format – select format in which report will be generated: HTML (for viewing in browser) or XLS (for viewing and editing in Microsoft Excel).
  • Show addresses – addresses will be shown in reports near to location points.
  • Zones instead of addresses – zone names will be shown in reports instead of addresses.
  • Stops – set time of stops that will be included in report, used to eliminate traffic light stops.
  • Speed limit (kph) – set speed limit for Overspeed and Underspeed reports.

Time period

  • Filter – simple way to set time period of report.
  • Time from/ Time to – precise way to set time period of report.


  • Daily – reports will be sent daily for previous day.
  • Weekly – reports will be sent weekly, every Monday for previous week.
  • Send to e-mail – enter e-mail addresses separated by comma to send reports to.


Select object or objects for which you want to create report. Hold “Ctrl” key for multiple selection.

Data items

Choose data items which will be displayed in report. Hold “Ctrl” key for multiple selection.


This option allows to select zones whose details will be seen in report. Zone selection is available only if Report type Zone in/out is chosen. Hold “Ctrl” key for multiple selection.


Choose sensors which will be displayed in report. Hold “Ctrl” key for multiple selection.

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