To ensure that an access control system or door entry system remains reliable, it is vital that it is maintained regularly. Listed below are a selection of the checks that are carried out by us during a routine preventative maintenance inspection / service visit:

  • Visual inspection of the system.
  • Check mains power supply including charging rates (where applicable).
  • Check battery power supply including charging rates (where applicable).
  • Check satisfactory operation.
  • Cleaning control components.
  • Check operation of all system components, recording any variations including: Token readers and keypads; Door hardware including all locks and lock releases; Control equipment; PC (Net2 systems and other PC systems); Card Printers; Power supplies and Interconnecting cabling.
  • Bring to the customer’s attention any damage, failure or items likely to cause a subsequent failure and, where appropriate, repair or replace any failed or deteriorating components.
  • Agree any variations from specification with the customer before leaving the site.
  • Log all test results.
  • Retrain the users on the use of the system (if required).

It is normal for the components of any access control systems to deteriorate with time. Doors, latches, card readers, closing devices and proximity cards become worn out at some point and might create a loophole in the security system. While a breakdown of a door is easy to identify, an improperly working access control system may go unnoticed for some time until a security incident occurs.

Software is not rigid. Employees leaving and coming, staff members being promoted, which entails rotation of personnel and a change of their access rights, databases need to be adjusted accordingly. An access control database that is maintained improperly may pose such threats as unauthorised access, espionage, vandalism or access denial to those who are authorised to enter the premises.

Access Control Maintenance - Hull

Access control is the main component of any security strategy a proactive approach is critical in this matter. Regular routine inspections helps identify vulnerabilities, fix minor problems and safeguard against major breakdowns. One routine maintenance visit a year will be enough for most access control systems. Should you rely on an access control system to maintain security to areas of your building, you will benefit from taking out an annual maintenance with us. Scheduled routine service visits, telephone support, on-site breakdown support and reduced hourly rates.

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