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Always know where your vehicles are…

What are the benefits of GPS vehicle tracking equipment to your business?

Vehicle tracking is now a must for all individuals and businesses. A vehicle tracker lets you locate your vehicle in real time and also view a route history. Fitting a tracker can not only protect your vehicle from theft, it can also reduce your vehicle insurance costs and much more.

  • Stop needless and wasteful idling
  • Reduce risk and insurance costs
  • Control your fuel costs by eliminating fuel waste due to excessive speed

Welcome to Abbotrack Security Solutions. We are a reliable, professional and friendly GPS tracking company with years of experience in the GPS tracking industry. Abbotrack is certainly the best choice when it comes to assisting you with your Vehicle GPS tracking requirements.

Abbotrack covers all aspects of GPS tracking such as fleet tracking, personal vehicle tracking and smartphone tracking. We have our own online GPS tracking software which works on any operating device with internet and it is very user friendly. We use the latest technology at cost effective prices, no job is too big or too small.

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