Density Control & Flow Solution

Easily manage the number of people within your premises at any one time.

Control the flow of foot traffic and avoid overcrowding within your property with clear signage at all customer entrances.

How does it work?

Our specialist people counting cameras watch entrances and maintain a tally of how many people are in your store at all times.

This allows you to:

  • Limit the number of people within your store
  • Display clear signage at entrances for your visitors
  • Avoid overcrowding and safeguard your staff

Re-open with full control of traffic and confidence in your safety measures

People Counting Camera

How it Works

Fast Deployment, cost effective and scalable from small shops to large shopping centres

Depending on your requirements and property, there are a number of scalable solutions available for you to rapidly deploy and begin controlling density and flow of customer traffic.

Density Control for Small Shop


Single Door Camera Standalone

  • Ideal for small shops
  • Fast deployment – one camera and monitor needed
  • Basic data shows number of people in-store
  • Realtime alert and voice prompt from cameras when threshold number is reached

Density Control for Retail Shop


Single Door with Customer Display

  • Ideal for retail shops with higher footfall
  • User friendly, informative display shows customers how many people are currently in-store and maximum number accepted with green and red warning signs
  • Ideal monitor placement near entrance so customers can identify the display and safety measures clearly

Density control for multi-entrance retail


Multi Door with Customer Display

  • Ideal for larger shops with multiple entrances/exits
  • Smart NVR recorder calculates the total number of customers in-store across multiple entrances
  • Monitors display intuitive realtime data with warning signs for customers

Density Control for Multiple Locations


Multi Door and Multiple Location

  • Ideal for larger sites with multiple entrances/exits as well as multiple locations
  • HikCentral software calculates total figures and can display them across all sites accurately
  • Whole system can be monitored centrally via HikCentral software, with reports for further analysis available

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We’re here to help businesses re-open their stores with full confidence that the have the correct safety measures in place to safeguard their staff and customers. Density monitoring is one of the key steps in promoting social distancing, which can be used alongside temperature monitoring solutions.

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